6 Popular Myths About Nutrition

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Fitness and balanced dieting are very popular topics in the modern world. Even students are involved, as all of them want to be fit and healthy. They surf the internet to find the main rules of balanced nutrition, which help to lose excess weight. However, almost all of these information resources are full of lies and myths. If you truly wish to be fit, you have to be aware of them and avoid such false recommendations. They may ruin not only your great body shape, but the metabolism as well. Remember: following some of the wrong tips may lead to health problems. So, it is better to know what was proved by scientists and which point are just myths. We compiled this information and checked it with famous nutritionists’ experience. Our team will try to ruin the most common myths about nutrition and ways on losing excess weight.

You Should Remove All Fats

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This myth is widespread among young girls, who want to become thinner. They find that eating fats make you fat. However, this is a wrong opinion. Fats are very beneficial for your body, but it depends on their kind. Saturated fats, for example, are better to avoid at all costs. They cause different diseases and gaining excess weight. While eating fast food, you get a great amount of such kind of fats. On the other hand, useful fats exist: they help make your hair and nails stronger and support the normal functioning of some organs. You can get them with eating fish, for example.

Only Young People Are Fit

This is another myth, which was ruined by hundreds of fit people over 40. You should not be afraid of an excess weight as something which you cannot prevent. If you do regular exercises and control your diet, it will not be a problem at all. Remember: you rule your life and your age is not a reason to stop caring about your body shape.

Exercises Makes You Free to Eat Everything

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This opinion is popular among gym members. They find that working out allows them to eat everything they want: pizza, chips, chocolate and other food with a lot of calories. Nevertheless, it is a bad way for students who want to become fit. They will not see any result as it is hard to reach it without a correct diet. Moreover, you may even gain more weight than you had before such a regime. We have already mentioned about the need to keep exercising in our previous article.

There Is No Need to Count Calories

Most of the young people think that there is no need to count calories, if they eat only healthy food. However, good products in big amounts may lead to gaining weight as well. It is important to operate numbers, if you are trying to become fit. It is not as hard as you think. Counting calories is easier than writing your school essay and does not demand a lot of time.

All Salads Are Low-Calorie

This is a myth, which leads to disappointment and the absence of a result. Usually, people find that all salads are useful in the case of losing weight and do not even think how many calories there are. What do you often order in a restaurant while dieting? Sure, it is a salad. You think that some chicken, beans and vegetables do not matter for your daily norm of calories. It leads to exceeding of your nutrition plan and later you will not realize why there are no results. Remember, salads may be high-calorie, sometimes there are more fats and carbs than in a fast food.

Healthy Food Is Expensive

Many people say that this point is the reason why they cannot follow a healthy diet. However, it is just an excuse. You can find lots of markets with vegetables and fruits which are much cheaper than candies and chocolate. There is no need to buy some exotic goods to stay fit and healthy. Choose local products, it will economize your budget. It is not necessary to waste hundreds of dollars to buy food in specific shops, which call their goods natural and healthy. As a rule, it is a trick for customers.

All in all, it is important to know some of the diet myths in order to avoid typical mistakes, which were described in our previous article. Take these points into account and you will not be disappointed after several weeks of dieting and the absence of results. This information is especially significant for students. Sometimes, they ruin their health while trying to lose weight and choosing a wrong nutrition plan. We hope that our articles about well-balanced dieting were useful for you.

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