The Art of Being Heard

Orator on the Stage

No one is born with the ability to perform for the huge audience or even a small classroom. Nevertheless, almost everyone can learn how to do this. The skill of unforgettable public speaking will be useful to everyone, who strives for achieving success. It is impossible to force people in the huge hall to comprehend and even memorize, but you can write an outstanding speech, everyone wants to hear. Here is the list of the most common demands of perfect harangue.

Be Vigorous

TED Speakers

If you are taking the floor in front of a small turnout or a huge crowd, you have to be energetic and drastic. While speaking from the stage, know – you are an actor, who needs to grasp the listener’s attention. It is very difficult, because those listeners can be distracted due to the phone, outside noise or even the attractive girl/boy sitting right next. Do not let people go dead on your performances. Be active and energetic, play with intonations, voice pitch, and the speech rate. Be unpredictable, because the monotonous retelling of the facts will kill your address for sure.

Tell the Story

Every good speech is the complete story. As we know, the good story has a beginning, plot development, and the ending. The problems, you are dwelling on, have to be apprehensible for the average person. The good story is full of sense, even if you are talking about exchange-traded funds. The classical approach is to describe one day of the life of a person, who uses the product you present. Show the difference – before and after – the person felt when owing your product. Speak about the feelings and experience that are clear to the listener. Leave all those terms for experts and managers and use the vivid language instead.

Structure the Components

The free and emotional story is a perfect beginning, but, be sure that your story is logical, consistent and has a precise structure. Your speech has to be divided into several blocks, which are answering specific questions or describing some thesis. Moreover, the sequence of these blocks should develop and uncover the topic of your presentation.

Learn Your Audience

Audience During Speech

Who are those people in the auditorium? How many of them are present? Who spoke before you, what is the general topic of the conference? Ask the organizers everything before your entrance. Any public address is the dialogue between you and the audience, even if only you are speaking. If you know nothing about the visitors, their interests, and sphere of occupation – how are you going to prepare an irresistible speech for them?

Be Unique

Remember, you are not the only speaker at the event. Everyone wants to be noticed. The main task here is to take all your charisma and power and show it on the stage. Find some unique moments that can be accompanied by jokes or examples of your own life. Be creative, and the customer will recall you!


Keep it simple, stupid (it is not what you have imagined). The purpose of the message is to inform the potential customers about your product. Leave all the details behind, and just describe the problem, its necessity and solution. Simplify your message and define only three major ideas for the whole story.

Summary and Conclusions

Do not be afraid to repeat the same phrases or sentences several times. You are trying to sell something, and the most important thing here is to explain. Listeners have the ability to forget everything in the blink of an eye, so repeat and they will hear.

Design Means a Lot

The presentation with the help of Prezi is welcome! If you have some visual methods that can prove your words – you are a hundred percent successful speaker. Use pictures instead of texts! Nobody will read them. Better learn a certain text and just dub it, showing the colorful picture. Never, remember, never read from the paper!

There are several more points as practice, timing, appearance, and manner of speaking, but they will come together with the points described above. If you want to show the high level of the efficiency and professionalism, follow these rules and never forget that the greatest percent of the product success depends on how you present it. Good luck!

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