The Best Monday Ever: Plan It!

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We know that Monday will come only tomorrow, but we want to get ready for it today. We know that Monday is the worst day for anyone. Hold on, we are with you! The beginning of the week is not as terrible as you imagine! Monday is the best day of the week. Yes, we understand that you still cannot pull yourself together and just look at the computer with the expression of dull concentration, but the beginning of the week is an opportunity to wipe the slate clean. You can arrange your working day to make it more efficient, and repeat the today’s success tomorrow. To make it easier for you to improve the productivity instead of doing the lazy schedule work, we created this list of helpful tips for organizing your Monday.

1. Allocate the Tasks

If the beginning of the week simultaneously presents you several tasks, which require urgent implementation, take three deep breaths and organize your work according to the level of importance. It is better to do the task that requires more time in the morning hours, and the small tasks can be left for the end of the day. Be sure to make the day plan early in the morning, and include everything you have to do in it.

2. Musical Remedy

Listening To Music

If you have to perform simple and repetitive work that does not require serious brain efforts, turn on your favorite playlist! Energetic music will help you cope with the task faster, but your colleagues may not like it, so be sure to buy a pair of qualitative headphones.

3. Prepare Your Workplace

What about organizing the items on your desktop in another way? The point is that such kind of transposition will help you to see things from the new angle. By the way, pay attention to the preferential colors around you: the predominance of red colors will help you concentrate on the details, and the blue color is responsible for creativity. You will not need to repaint the table, but you can purchase a new mug or curtains.

4. Relax, Take it Easy!

Let me guess, when you switch on your computer, the first thing you always do is checking all the social networks? If that is true, then do not worry! According to the results of the research in Singapore, the opportunity to fill the gaps between the tasks with the free Internet surfing makes your work more productive, and not vice versa. If you work without breaks, then most likely, you will not be able to bear a couple of hours.

5. Plant with Verdure

Indoor Plants Ideas

If there is no indoor plant on your table, it is time to get it. The University of Washington conducted a study, according to which the presence of plants in the workplace increases your focusing by 10% and productivity by 12%. The more green colors you will see – the better your concentration will be. By the way, the oxygen produced by plants improves the cerebration, too.

6. Find the Window Seat

Here is another reason to envy your boss. A research conducted at the Northwestern University stated that the employees, who work near the window, are four (!) times more physically active and have 35% more energy than those who sit in the shade. A place in the sun – that is what we must strive for always and everywhere.

7. Sound Body

The short workout during the lunchtime, consisting of 30 minutes of simple training exercises, greatly stimulates the production of neurotrophin that speeds up the cerebration and helps you to stay concentrated for the rest of the day.

8. Nighty Night!

If you watch TV series before going to bed and cannot turn it off, here is a precious piece of advice for you. According to the study, recently published in the Journal of Applied Psychology, each hour of sleep deprivation forces you to avoid work, using the social networks. This likelihood increases by 20% with each hour. Remember: you need 8 hours of sleep to live a normal life.

We hope that this essay was interesting and useful for you (especially if you are a student or a worker). For more information go here, and read incredibly interesting Forbes article.

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