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Prosperous Director

The success of every organization, institution or establishment depends on the leader. Nevertheless, during the last decades, the image of the great leader changed, though the organizations remained the same. They still have the same training programs, policy and the list of tips that should make them outstanding guides of their time. However, it is the greatest mistake you can ever make. Do you think Steve Jobs or Martin Luther King were the same? Of course, they were not. I can say more, there were probably better people of that time, who were able to succeed as well. However, there was something special about them, as about every true leader. In this essay, you will read modern tendencies, which define a good leader.

Up to Date

Innovative Business Plans

If you want to be an effective director followed by all of the employees, stay up to date! It is the first step on the way to recognition and respect. We are living in a world of fast-changing innovative technologies, where everything can change in one night. Your task as the captain is to follow all of these tendencies and be able to provide the necessary conditions for the efficient work. This point depends mostly on your self-education and self-training. The books you are reading, the countries you are visiting, the programs you are watching, and even your environment define whether you are moving further or stay exactly where you are.

Be the Prophet

If you are standing on the top of any organization, it is the main task for you to predict the future. You have to look forward and imagine what is going to happen tomorrow. The leaders that are caring only about today are going to fail soon. It is impossible to live only today, without having a good plan for tomorrow. You need to have a B and even C, D, E plans for any situation. It is the most important trait of character – to be not afraid to leave the past and see the future.

Be Versatile

The Forbes, The Guardian and the Entrepreneur give millions of advice on how to become better than you are now. The one common point they all include is the ability to cooperate with different people. If you proclaimed yourself a leader, please, be kind enough to listen to everyone. Leave your usual circle of people behind and communicate with those, who do not agree with you. The more versatile your surrounding is, the more interesting ideas you will hear. Living in the comfortable conditions for your whole life will not lead you to great achievements.

Be Brave

If you apprehend the criticism and change something, people will follow you. The winning point is to abandon the people and policies that made you successful in the past and look for the fresh points of view instead. A great leader should not be scared to feel the wind of change. Being able to precede your things and not listening to the jealous opponents should be your motto.

Protect and Shield

If your employees know that they can rely on you anytime, it is the guarantee of success. If you turn the usual circle of co-workers into one family and become their father – this will be the long-living organization. Leadership is not the position; it is the calling of your heart. If you are the devoted father of the family, this family will stand high and tall. It is the best of being in charge of a hundred people: you trust them, and they trust you back.

Change the Attitude

If you want to inspire other people and induce them for new achievements – change your attitude towards the job. Most managers and directors ask the question “What does my company do?” first. It is the worst commercial move. People are not interested what kinds of highly intellectual phones you are selling; they are interested in why you are doing this. What is the purpose? Why does your organization exist? As Simon Sinek says: “People do not buy what you do; people buy why you do it.” Rearrange your mind and see the difference.

Finally, one more article about leadership has ended. As the writer, I am sure that it is useful, because it differs from those posted on the Internet. Here I gathered the examples and pieces of advice from the most interesting leaders all over the world, and if you want to know what else they say – read our previous articles.



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