Must-Do Things: How to Be Happier

Scuba Diving

Often people are bored and get no satisfaction from their life. Even young people suffer from it. Many students cannot establish the primary goals in their lives, and that may even lead to depression. We want to help you with solving that problem. Our team collected some information from different motivational tutorials and made a useful article for you. Plenty of must-do things are presented here with an eye to developing the interest to life among the youth.

Examples of Life Goals

To be happy, a person should establish different targets every day, from small ones as buying a new laptop to incredibly importants creating a family. You may read some books about setting and reaching goals to avoid failures. For example, “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin helps put priorities in life and focus on approachable things. Below is the list of possible targets for you, choose some of them and your life will become fuller.


This is a popular goal among the youth. Sure, traveling around the world, visiting new places and meeting new people are pretty good bounties. However, this target is not as easy to accomplish. You should work for it a lot: voyages demand money. Make a piggy bank and start collecting finances starting from the college years. Furthermore, there are plenty of students’ programs, which offer cheap and exciting traveling. Sometimes exchange programs are available as well.

Do A New Sport

Even if you are an amateur athlete, it is a pretty good idea to try a new sport. Maybe you will even discover a talent within you. Moreover, it helps a person to stay in a fine physical shape. There are plenty of unusual and amusing sports to do: archery, skating, scuba diving and so on.

Learn Languages

This is a complicated target, but it is worth every spent hour. It will develop your personality in a cultural and moral way as well because with learning a new language a person becomes more tolerant relating to other people and cultures. You will get a possibility to travel to a certain country and communicate with locals there.

Start Own Business

It may sound impossible for students, but most of them start to think about it after graduation. Be smarter, plan your business while studying and be aware of alletails and pitfalls. Having your own business is always better than working for somebody. You are the ruler and creator of it; only your decisions play a role. That opens the door to real success.

Care About Pets

Person Hugs Cat

It does not matter whether you live in a flat or a huge house, having a pet is always a pleasure, and it makes one feel more important and needed. It is true that money and time are necessary for carrying about the animal but think about the advantages of hanging out with that little creature. You will never feel boredom again.

Make a Grand Party

Sure, everyone hosted a party at least one time, however, as a rule, it is small celebrations with some close friends. We suggest you toake a grand one at your place with a great number of people, drinks and snacks, loud music and so on. Create a memorable party about which every student at your college will talk on the next day.

Go Camping

Many people find it is a boring activity to spend several days with no gadgets and Internet. Nevertheless, the ones who tried it, want to go camping again and again. You will never forget this experience. It can teach how to make contact with nature and get pleasure from live communication.

Make Own Recipe

Person Cooking

Even if you are not good at cooking, try it. Create your own recipe, make it simple but tasty. There is no need to bake a five-kilogram cake, do something accessible and easy for you. On the other hand, you can try to improve someone else’s formula as well; it is a good idea to add some personal features into the family recipe.


Try to help someone without thinking about profit. It will make you kinder and a more heartfelt person. Moreover, it is a must-do thing for every moral and tolerant person, as supporting the poor or the diseased is the main rule in most religions and cultures. You may go to the hospital or any social center. The emotions and experiences you will get there are unforgettable and fully change one’s life.

How to Make Your Own List

Of course, you may use some of these ideas for setting life targets. However, it is always better to take your temper and interests into consideration. Think about things which excite you and answer simple questions: what do you want to develop in yourself, which qualities should be improved, what achievements you wish to have when you are older and so on. You may read some tutorials about life goals as well. “The Go-Better” by Peter B. Kayne is a motivational and encouraging novel. It will become easier for you to perceive failures and move to your target. We hope that you have learned how to create your own list of goals, our next article will refer to the topic of changes in life: when is the right time for them?


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