Reasons Why You Hate Life

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It is true that everyone, at least once, felt that he or she hates their life. Why? All these motivational books and tutorials tell us to see only positive sides, be kind and patient. However, it is not that easy. When you feel any dissatisfaction with your conditions, it is the right time for changes. Do not wait for better days. We collected several reasons why people are displeased by their lives. Pay attention, maybe you encounter these issues every day and cannot get a satisfaction because of it.


People usually hate weekdays and wait for Friday all the time. It is called routine when you do the same things every day: go to work or college, do some housework and go to sleep. This is not a rare schedule of the average citizens. There is no wonder why people are dissatisfied with it; a routine is boring and annoying. Nevertheless, it is not a reason for worrying; it is time to change your world view. Make every day as amusing and exciting as Friday. Of course, you cannot go to a party on Monday because of morning lectures, but there are lots of activities to do. Fill your life with impressions.

Lack of Money

This is a common reason why people are displeased with their living. Suffering from the lack of finances is well-known to many students as well. However, it is wrong to worry about it and view the world in grim light. There are many budget variants in case of vacations, clothes, products and so on, especially for students. For them, almost every company offers some discounts and bounties. Moreover, it is possible to find a part-time job for a younger person, which will not affect their studying.


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It is common even among the young people, who should be interested in life, new opportunities and just having fun. However, we often hear claims from students that they are bored and do not have any hobbies or favorite activities. Why? Because one has to make some efforts, with an eye to making life cheerful and full of impressions. College is a perfect place to get rid of boredom. Just try to use all chances it offers to students: traveling, studying abroad, partying and participating in local events. Do not sit on the couch and waste time for nothing.


People suffer from constant work overflow; it is a part of modern reality, and you cannot do anything with this issue. An average citizen usually spends the whole day in the office and then drives back to home. It does not sound like a good perspective after graduation from college. However, well-planed schedule and time managing will help you have more free time for your hobbies, family and friends. Do not waste time on unnecessary things and set some priorities in your life.

No Goals

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We told you about the goals in our previous article, and now you know about their importance. People do not see the reason for living and cannot achieve happiness without having a certain target. Indicate some small goals; it is not necessary to create unrealistic ones. Reaching something significant for you every day will improve the quality of life and make you much happier than trying achieving something fantastic. Try not to gravitate towards some financial or material purposes; that does not bring true sunshine. For example, you can make a task to read three new books every month or learn a foreign language every year.

Constant Stress

It relates to the point of business as well. People feel stress almost every day: bad grades at college, arguments with friends, conflicts in family and so on. All these affect our mental health and can even lead to depression. That is why many young people are worried because of their life quality and are not able to be happy. How to deal with it? Make your attitude to all issues simpler and more cheerful. Try to see everything in a good light.

Wrong Priorities

It is a reason why many of us get depressed and cannot reach calmness and happiness. For young people, it is especially hard to put right priorities in life. They often waste time for trivia and do not take vital things into consideration. Do not fritter away your attention and concentrate on the most important issues as family, friends and self-development. Be sure, that money or good marks are not the things, about which you should worry. Letting go is a key to becoming a successful and confident person.

In conclusion, these are the common reasons why people are dissatisfied with their living. All of the described issues are easy to solve, and one can start to live a full life. They are vital to understand for students as most of them are too young to put correct priorities and stop worrying about the trivial. In our next article, we will tell you about relationships between people and how they affect the quality of life. Our team wants to show that some contacts should be reduced because of their harmfulness for your well-being. Hope, you will get a helpful usage from the next tutorial.

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