Relationships Between People: Building Them Effectively

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Sure, you have already learned about the importance of life goals and how to make life easier with, making changes and other things, which can make our life better. However, do not forget about one of the vital points, it is the relationships with people. Many young people suffer from the disability to build and develop them correctly. Moreover, some of the contacts are abusive and harmful for humans; they make one unstable, stressed and nervous. We want to teach you to discern such relations and, instead of them, build strong and pleasant ones.

How to Build Positive Relationships?

As it was said before, relationships have a great influence on human’s life and may either make it better or transform it into a nightmare. That is why it is so necessary to be able to build and distinguish contacts with other people for a good quality of life. We collected some tips and steps in creating long-lasting positive relationsips; take them into consideration to have a full and happy life.

Everyone Is Different

It is vital to accept one’s differences to build positive and gentle relationships with any person: worldview, interests, hobbies, life credo and so on. Without this point, it is impossible to keep a close contact with somebody. So, you may even need to make some sacrifices to understand and perceive another person’s specialties.

Dedicate Your Time

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None of your relationships will be continuous if you do not devote time to certain people. Of course, you may be busy with your work or college; however, it is crucial to give at least several hours to a person, with whom you want to improve your relationship. In the case, when it is impossible to arrange a meeting, you may talk by phone.

Trust People

That is one the most significant parts of any relationship. The closer you are with somebody, the more respect and trust to this person you should have. It is a key to building positive relationships, but not loyalty or passion. Sure, it may be quite hard to rely on someone else, so there is a good tutorial for it by Cynthia Wall “The Courage to Trust: A Guide to Building Deep and Lasting Relationships.” This book tells that ability to trust may be renewed and developed, so, you can use the advice from it in case of need.

Which Relationships Should Be Reduced?

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It is true that some of the relationships, which you have, are harmful to well-being and getting happiness from life. They make you feel upset, angry and nervous. Moreover, it is a waste of time as you gain only negative emotions from such relations. Below are some signs that show which contacts should be reduced.

Blaming for Mistakes

It is a really bad idea to keep contact with people who blame you for mistakes. This is life, and there are no perfect people. It is part of human’s nature to make inaccuracies and perceive them. That is why blaming others for failures is unfair in the core and life cannot become any better because of such behavior. Moreover, you will feel exhausted and stressed after such kind of communication. Just try to delete these contacts from your list and see how much better your life will become.

Orientation on Own Interests

Everyone knows that people should respect and trust each other to have positive emotions from communication. That means taking interests of another person into consideration. If a person you keep contact with, often ignores your needs and demands, the only solution is reducing such relations. Remember that many psychologists agree with the thesis: “The relationships in which desires of only one person are valuable are harmful and unhealthy.”


It is the worst idea to keep contact with a person who always complains and sees no positive sides in life. That makes you do the same, and it is one of the reasons why you are dissatisfied with your life. It is much better to communicate with positive and cheerful people, but not listen to the laments of someone. It does not mean that you should not support your friends in the time of distress, nevertheless, try to think through if it is temporary behavior or not.

To sum up, this knowledge will help you to distinguish the contacts, which should be reduced, and make a positive relationship continue. Following this piece of advice is vital for a person, who wants to become truly happy and be pleased with the quality of life. We hope that you will use these pieces of advice in practice. In our next article, we will tell you about the career and its impact on human life: is it good or bad for one’s well-being?

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